16 Aug 2018

Mist Of Time

I fell instantly in love with the melody of ''BONNY PORTMORE''; after hearing it played in the TV version of ''HIGHLANDER''- which was a very successful TV SERIES starring Adrian Paul as ''Duncan McLeod - the IMMORTAL HIGHLANDER! Adrian used ''BONNY PORTMORE'' in his Debut role as a Director in the series and went on to use it several times more in later episodes of the show; and it was also included the last ever''HIGHLANDER'' Feature film. I had always believed it to be a Scots melody as it seemed to have that 'wee Scottish feel' to it.
However when I researched it's background, I discovered it was REALLY a ''Gaelic'' melody; COLLECTED BY A ''DANIEL BLACK'', approximately 270years ago - but the 'real writer' is UNKNOWN - so the song may even be older. The song had originally been written to tell the True tale of ''Portmore Castle, near Lough Neagh; which is in Co Antrim in the North of Ireland. It had a huge tree nearby that blew down, in a Horrendous Storm in 1760. This Famous Tree (which you hear about in the original song), was central to the local industries at that time and was a huge loss to the community. PORTMORE (though it is Also claimed by the Scots - as it also had A Portmore Castle, but No famous tree that blew down by a huge storm at that time. But who cares! :) - as I believe ''both neighboring countries ARE PART OF THE CELTIC NATION'' so I think both Countries should share it lol :)
 I thought I'd create a whole new angle to the song - adding A NEW BACKGROUND STORY, ALL NEW LYRICS, AND A NEW MUSICAL ARRANGEMENT WITH A CHORUS - since it didn't appear to have one. I chose a Scottish theme, as felt it would be of more Historical significance to a large audience! I used a true event in History, mixed it with a fictitious love story and then added to the mixing pot - a pinch of ''A Supernatural'' Ingredient - which I couldn't resist! lol Though noticed in the MEL GIBSON'S BLOCK BUSTER MOVIE - ''BRAVEHEART'' there had been a fictitious, Supernatural Element added to the story Mel used. The ''WILLIAM WALLACE'' character (played by Mel Gibson himself) in which his character sees and talk with his dead wife and dead father through 'lucid dreams'.
I had no idea, that TACKLING THIS WELL KNOWN SONG WAS GOING TO BE SUCH A BIG JOB! I was trying to create A similar 'feeling' to my song's, 'more memorable story'. The Hours spent getting the 'Lyrics' to blend closely` to those of that of particular era (which was a first for me), the problems I encountered; you just couldn't imagine)! At times it was extremely frustrating and difficult to make much headway - But I Never Quit!- tho at times Came Close! But glad I didn't! Now I am so proud and feel I've been successful in creating a NEW INTERPRETATION OF THIS OLD GAELIC AND CELTIC MELODY! - ''BONNY PORTMORE''. I truly made ''THE MIST OF TIME'' my own. Even the producer said, and I quote, ''I would have never tackled a song like that!''
As well as being involved in the Production,Writing and composing of the additional changes to the melody; I also recorded both high and low harmony's in ''THE MIST OF TIME''. ''MIST OF TIME'' is a FICTIONAL story, incorporated into a real time in Scot's History. It was a good learning experience- if nothing else!!! My great grandfather (on my mum's side) came from Scotland; so just had to use this theme, as have Sottish blood in my veins too. The CLAN ''HUNTER'', a GAELIC - SCOTS CLAN (arrived originally from Ireland to Ayrshire, Scotland; around the 1200's.(A little bit of DARK AGE History about them). THE HUNTER CLAN were a mixture of HIGHLAND and LOWLANDERS. They were hunters, archers, and sailors. (Becoming farmers during the middle ages). The Hunter clan (like all other Clans) signed 'the rag man roles' - swearing Allegiance to King Edward I of England 'LONG SHANKS'' lol found that so funny when in fact its believed they supported WILLIAM WALLACE and later ROBERT THE BRUCE behind the Kings back! LMAO This explains why I've such a rebellious nature at times lol. ''FREEDOM''!!!!! LMAO !
 I've used a crossbow myself at a training session. I have always loved the Ocean , where I learned to swim. Just made my day when recently discovered my late Brother Robert had a cross bow too! So guess we do tend to inherit family traits lol. :) I hope you enjoy listening to this short clip from the song, which also has an instrumental version recorded too.                

 Maggie x