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♪♫♪ "​ Singer & Writer of songs and music"​ ♪♫♪ from Northern Ireland. 
Maggie Young

Maggie Young's musical debut began at age 4 yrs. Joined many different choirs as grew up; from children's Church and Primary school choirs. Astoundingly, without any music exams or formal training was asked to join an adult Church choir- when still at primary school.
Maggie joined her scool Choir, and Aged 11, Maggie landed the lead role of ''Joseph'', (from Joseph and his Technicolor Dream Coat). Performing before an audience of 500 +; and apparently stole the show! Maggie was part of a very professional school production. The music used included songs from a wide variety of well known musicals. At 14, Maggie Entered a School Music competition; went on to win it three years consecutively. At 15, also asked to join an Adult Gospel Band and found herself being asked to sing at weddings, and Youth groups. A few years later left the band and formed a Gospel two piece, singing & playing guitar at Youth Clubs and Churches.
Maggie, like many others, chose to spread her Musical wings and embrace new Genres, or Styles. Thus beginning her Path into the Secular Show Bizz World! Maggie Took part in several talent competitions, Spotted by an Entertainment Agent who remarked about a different quality Maggie possessed when 'on stage- couldn't quite explain it'. Maggie convinced this Chance meeting opened the doorway leading to a New chapter in her life!
Many other Music Opportunities magically arose around that time i.e. Numerous local Cabaret appearances in pubs and clubs, singing Jingles for radio and a big one for TV. Maggie also joined several local pop/rock bands; even with no previous experience: Was competent enough to front a Pop Band. Around this time an opportunity arose for her to Audition for a huge TV talent show conceived jointly by RTE and BBC1. 10,000 acts auditioned :Bands ,Comedians, two and 3 piece groups, male & female soloists and numerous variety acts. Maggie must have highly impressed the Producers and Senior Production staff; as was chosen as ''1 of 5 female vocalists'', to perform on the series. Although Maggie didn't win her heat – yet was approached by A well known Dublin Band who won the heat that night, (and where placed into the final). Maggie politely declined because as they already had their own female vocalist, plus thought it may cause issues with the shows organizers (An Northener joining a Southern Act for the Grand Final. Maggie never even expected to get into the show Yet claimed learned so much about Organizing such a big event eg; camera's, lighting, sets, organization skills, roles of the dressers, hair and makeup- So always looks back with great fondness on that opportunity. Maggie had also been part of a popular local 3 piece group playing Country, Pop & Irish music. Left to became the Dynamic part of a successful 2 piece; yet over time moved on, as felt stifled 'being pigeon holed'- as just ''a singer in a two piece''. Believed she was carrying the Duo. So she made a dramatic choice, to leave safety and Security of working -with a Top Class Agent; or take an exciting step into the unknown! SO SHE DID! Created her ''Own Unique Style Of Cabaret, Karaoke Disco Show''! ''A Style Created Way Before Its Time''!
Considering Maggie claimed she had Never Seen a Live Cabaret Act, or Karaoke Show before. this was a Huge Gamble; As proved to be the best decision She Ever Made! . As Maggie now had the Freedom to use her natural Creativity , Her ''One Woman Cabaret, Karaoke and Disco Show'', was Born! It was filled with Humor, Music and Lots of Audience Participation - and Good Clean Fun. Maggie always has stressed Her show was always geared with the emphasis of ''Entertainment being Paramount'', to the Show's Great Success.
Maggie, However decided to take ''Time Out'', and get a well earned break from the Music biz; so at this time-and with no regrets-used it wisely to further her previously, successful Academic career- which she Amazingly did.
Early in 2011 Ameritz the first worldwide supplier of music backing tracks, held an Internet competition; which was to encourage singers to be heard on the world wide web; singers using backing tracks recorded by Ameritz. With more than 2 billion views per day on YouTube this was an exciting opportunity for singers All over the world. This competition was to get the most public views and votes over (initially 1 month) -which was increased to over a''2 month period''. However Maggie Young was totally astounded to find she had ''Won the World U tube Competition with the Support and Loyalty of her fb Family & Friends, whom she humbly states she will be forever grateful - as her friends where (and still all from all around the globe), are not only from the Emerald Isle.
Maggie, believed to be the only participant from the North of Ireland; named the ''Winner Of The Competition'', Received 25 free songs of her choice from Ameritz and an exclusive license giving her the right to sing and broadcast 12 of those tracks on YouTube. The home made video (entered into the competition, was the only style whch was permitted from the Entrants. It happened to be viewed on YouTube by her friend Clive Culbertson - a Record Producer and a Former Bass Player in Van Morrison's Live Band. Clive, after seeing her video on YouTube suggested the song that Maggie recorded at home ''WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL'', warranted A proper recording in his 'studio'.
A few months later, Maggie was approached to write a commissioned piece- (First song she ever written) - For A Farming Video by 'Linton Film Productions'. On completion of the song and its Recording, it was decided to create 2 separate video's . 1 was the farming video for the 'Film Production Company', the other for 'Maggie herself'. Since the song was a Irish Comedy song, Maggie's video had 2 themes woven into its fabric. 1 was about life in the Country (where she spent most of her child hood and teenage years), mixed with the information that she recalled about her Uncles Little Massey Ferguson Tractor, that he had on his working farm. Maggie who always loves to be creative, bound both these themes of true life which were used to create the lyrics of ''52 ACRES OF BARLEY''; bound together with a touch of fiction; becoming a 'Naughty but nice' cheeky Irish Country Comedy song that would also be filmed . It was written, recorded, screen-played and co-directed by Maggie who also starred in the video, quite an achievement for a 1st time video maker and no doubt not her last.
In April 2012 she released an EP entitled ''Cover Up'' dedicated to the memory of her late brother Robert Clint Hamilton (Jnr), which included a variety of classic ballads and country songs including ''My Heart Will Go On'', ''Constant Craving'', ''Moonlight Shadow'' and ''Run''.
She has also recorded and released other original songs written by fellow song-writing friends of hers.
Maggie has released several co-written songs with other songwriters from the USA & Spain. She has now begun to released her own material including now a even wider range of material including Dance ,Contemporary, R&B, Ballads Rock, Pop, AmerIndian, Reggae Style, Horror, U.S. Style C&W, Disco, An Anthem and Hymn and says there are more styles to follow. She has written songs designed for both TV & the Movies.
Maggie is also writing commissioned pieces and to request commissioned songs and for any licensing inquiries for film/tv music and/or for any artistes that want to record & release any of the songs (as she has written and registered M&F Versions) email Maggie Young Music @ maggieyoungsongs@gmail.com