3 Aug 2018

Dust In The Wind

The song called ''DUST IN THE WIND'' is very Special to me!
After the passing of my late brother Robert, so suddenly and suspiciously; the loss was so devastating that It left me totally distraught. The feelings of loss, I bottled up, but I dealt with ALONE! However Robert's passing, whilst so Young and so Musically Talented, left such a huge vacuum in my life. It changed my Direction ! Turning my grief and loss, into A More Constructive - Not Destructive Direction. It made me want to write the songs- that should have been written with him.
I wrote a number of songs before writing this one. I can recall the producer's reaction when this song was completed. He kept asking me ''DID I REALLY WRITE THIS SONG MYSELF?''- 3 TIMES HE ASKED! And YES, I DID! Though was probably influenced by my late brother's musical genius!
I gave the song the nick name ''The Onion Song''; as an onion can be cut and be peeled back revealing many layers- like the full version of this song! ''DUST IN THE WIND'' It can be taken to mean different things, to different people.

Here's a clip to listen to...

and a clip of the instrumental version of it, entitled "Always"...