1 Aug 2018

The Truth Uncovered

Watched an "Unbelievable FILM" today. It was recorded several months ago -was only getting a chance to watch it now. It was very 'disturbing movie' (which was warned about it at the start of the movie). The Theme was very interesting - informing people how easy it to get OUR DATA STOLEN,(in this case by some people from the Medical profession); CHANGED, MANIPULATED AND MIS-USED ON MEDICAL RECORDS , BANK DETAILS AS THE INTERNET - It told the story of A Consultant with a GAMBLING PROBLEM; how he faked data results and created false death certificate - so No autopsy was needed; so a ''Cremation was carried out to hide the Evidence''. It was uncovered by a student doctor (tho discredited by this particular Consultant, who had been close to her family- so no one would believe her''. Her logic, intelligence and persistance to uncover the truth, paid off FOR with a friends help he was caught, and so was the murdered Billionaires Wife. I COULDN'T STOP WATCHING THE MOVIE AS IT HAD BEEN SO WELL WRITTEN PRODUCED WITH THE PERFECT ACTORS FOR THE ROLES. FABULOUS AND ENLIGHTENING MOVIE!!!